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Welcome to the Cotton Map

The Cotton Field Awareness Map is an industry initiative which has been designed to highlight the location of cotton fields. This service is provided free of charge with the purpose of minimising off-target damage from downwind pesticide application, particularly during fallow spraying.

Farmers, farm managers, resellers, consultants, agronomists, applicators and contractors are encouraged to input their cotton field(s). Users can also access the Cotton Map to check the location of the paddock(s) they may be planning to spray to assess the proximity of the nearest cotton crop.

The map is a joint collaboration between Cotton Australia, Cotton Research and Development Corporation (CRDC), Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and Nufarm Australia Limited, developed to meet industry needs. The Cotton Map website will operate from 1 September to 30 April on an annual basis.

Adding cotton field(s) to the map

  1. Select a cotton region using either the dropdown menu, GPS co-ordinates, your road address or by finding on the map
  2. Click on the + or – to zoom in or out of your local area
  3. Select Get Started Now
  4. Follow instructions to Draw, Edit, Save and Submit a field
  5. Once a field is submitted, you will be asked to provide registration details and a login will be created for you
  6. A message will be sent to your email address to authenticate your details – click on the link in the email to confirm your registration
  7. A second email will then be sent to provide your login details (may take up to one minute)
  8. Fields won’t be visible on the map until authenticated by a Cotton Australia representative – this should take no more than one business day
  9. You can log back in at any stage to edit, add or subtract your field(s) – any changes will then be submitted again for authentication

Viewing paddock(s) to be sprayed

You do not need to login to view or print a paddock(s) to be sprayed.

  1. Zoom into the local paddock area using the dropdown menu, GPS co-ordinates, the road address or by manually zooming in on the map
  2. A minimum 10 kilometre diameter is recommended for viewing or printing
  3. Always view just prior to application to make sure the information you’re viewing is as up to date as possible (Note: the printed date is detailed at the bottom of the Map)
Top Tip: Do Not Spray during a low-level inversion. Fine droplets can be suspended in a slow moving katabatic wind – travelling up to 3 km/h these droplets can travel for 6 kilometres downwind and follow the local topography during a 2 hour low-level inversion!

Please give us your feedback and comments – they allow us to further improve the site.

Thanks for viewing the Cotton Map. Safe Spraying from the Cotton Map team.

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About Submission

Once you save and submit your information, you will be automatically emailed a link to confirm the submission.

You must confirm your submission before it will be accepted into the online Cottonmap.

After confirmation you will be provided account details. These will allow you to log in and edit or submit additional information.
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Search Help

Enter the address you wish to locate. You can enter as much detail as you like. Search accepts street number, street name, town, city, state, postcode etc. If the address is not found, try simplifying your search, just to town and state for example, as some streets may not be known.
  • Albert St Moree NSW
  • 170 Haydon Drive Canberra


The search box accepts latitude and longitude, they should be in decimal degrees. Separate coordinates with a space or comma.
  • 28.2S, 150.3E
  • -28.2 150.3

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Digitise Help


  1. Find your location.
  2. Click draw button to begin shape.
  3. Click map to place points.
  4. Click starting point to close shape.


  1. Use colour to identify each field.
  2. Click on a point to delete it.
  3. Click and drag to move a point.
  4. Click mid-point to add new point.

Saving and Submitting

  1. Click the submit button.
  2. Enter your details, with a valid email.
  3. Click the save button to upload your data to the server.
  4. Fields won't be visible until approved.


  1. Fields can be grouped for easier management.
  2. Click the Create Group button to create a new group.
  3. Select a group by clicking its name in the list.
  4. Edit the group by selecting it, then clicking the name/edit button.
  5. Delete a group and all fields it contains by clicking the delete next to the group name.
  6. Fields can be moved between groups using the field properties popup.

Flag Spray Drift

Place a flag on your spray drift affected paddock to notify a Cotton Australia administrator. Once verified, your paddock will be highlighted to the public on CottonMap as spray drift affected.
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Flag Incorrect Fields

Click on the map in a location to flag it for administrator review.
Contact Email:  Relationship To Paddock: 
Your contact email address. Your relationship to fields.
Description of Problem: 
Description of the problem with digitised fields.
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